Aimee Durovic
Title: Design a bioinformatics workflow using state-of-the-art techniques to analyse and interpret results obtained in nutrition intervention studies
Affiliation: Monash University,  Prof Gary Williamson, Dr Chiara Murgia
Hosts: Maastricht University, Prof Chris Evelo, Dr Susan Coort
Duration: 17 – 30 June 2018
Report: read here

Harry Freitag Luglio Muhammad
Title: Interaction Between Dietary Inflammatory Index and CRP gene variants in relation to Obesity, C-reactive protein level and Early Signs of Colorectal Cancer
Affiliation: Maastricht University, Prof Edwin Mariman and Prof Marleen van Baak
Hosts: Newcastle University, Prof John Mathers and Dr Fiona Malcomson
Duration: 7 September – 9 October 2018
Report: read here