NuGO support for organising courses

Every year we aim to organise a number of courses targeted for NuGO PhD students and early stage post-doctoral students. This is an important activity for NuGO – NuGO partners get an opportunity to either design and organise a new course in the area of molecular nutrition, personalised nutrition, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and nutritional systems biology, or to open up a course that is already organised by their host institution in this area to the NuGO community to increase the number of participants.

In the past years, for example, we supported the courses “Personalised Nutrition: from scientific discovery to interventions” in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, and “Introduction to Nutritional Metabolomics” at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition, we also made travel grants available for the III European Summer School on Nutrigenomics, “Modeluation of the epigenome by nutrition and xenobiotics during early life and across the life span: the key role of life style”, and for the 5th Winter school, “Breaking Barriers: Gut, brain, bugs – and beyond” in Levi, Lapland. More information about previous courses can be found here:

For each course, NuGO can make up to eight travel grants available of €500 each, and in the past we have also facilitated lecturers from the NuGO community to teach on the courses.

We are now seeking people from the NuGO community who would be interested in running a PhD course in their home institution with financial support of NuGO. If interested please email us at