Tuesday June 2nd: Molecular Nutrition; lessons from mouse models
11.30: Lunch
12.00: Keynote Speaker 1: Prof. Michael Müller, University of East Anglia/IFR Institute of Food Research. ‘Nutrient Sensitive Molecular Profiling – lessons from mouse to man’
13.00-15.30: Workshop 1: ‘Models utilized for measurement of cardio-metabolic health’
13.00: Dr. Orla Finucane, UCD. ‘Mouse models utilized for measuring insulin sensitivity’
13.15: Dr. Fiona McGillicuddy, UCD. ‘HDL function assays and in vivo macrophage-to-faeces RCT studies’
13.30: Dr. Orla Finucane, UCD. ‘Application of genetically modified mice in molecular nutrition research’
13.45: Dr. Neil Docherty, UCD. ‘Modelling the Effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery on Diabesity Associated Kidney Disease in the Rat’
14.00: Group work – Data analysis and discussion of metabolic data
15.30: Coffee Break
16.00: Dr. Orla Finucane, UCD. ‘Inflammation and Insulin Resistance – dietary regulation of the NLRP3 inflammasome complex’
16.30: Dr. Fiona McGillicuddy, UCD. ‘Inflammatory driven dysregulation of lipid metabolism during obesity’
17.00: Recreation
18.30: Coaches for dinner

Wednesday June 3rd: Human Nutrition and Metabolism
09.00: Keynote Speaker 2: Prof. Ellen Blaak, University of Maastricht. ‘Metabolic Flexibility – integrating whole body physiology with molecular metabolism’
10.00: Prof. Helen Roche, UCD. ‘Nutrigenomics – Gene-Nutrient Interactions and Metabolic Health’
11.00: Coffee Break
11.30: Aoibheann McMorrow, UCD. ‘The cardio-metabolic response to an anti-inflammatory dietary intervention in overweight adolescents: a cross-over RCT’
12.00: Dr. Lorraine Brennan. ‘Metabolomic platforms for the identification of novel biomarkers of metabolic dysfunction’
13.00: Lunch
14.00-17.00 Workshop 2: Designing human interventional studies
14.00: Aoibheann McMorrow & Ruth Connaughton, ‘Factors to consider in human study designs – experimental approaches and measures of metabolic health’
15.00: Group Session – design an intervention study
17.00: Recreation

Thursday June 4th: Treatment strategies to combat obesity and diabetes
09.00: Keynote 3: Prof. Catherine Godson, UCD. ‘Complications of Diabetes – potential of novel pro-resolving lipid mediators to improve metabolic health’
10.00: Dr. Brendan Egan, UCD. ‘Exercise and metabolic health’
11.00: Coffee Break
11.30: Group presentations on human intervention designs and debate
12.30: Keynote 4: Prof. Carel le Roux, UCD. ‘Gut hormone signalling and appetite control – lessons from bariatric surgery’
13.30: Lunch and Close