Grant information
NuGO makes 3 grants available of 600€ each covering the admission fee of 300€ and maximum of 300€ accommodation. Accommodation costs are only reimbursed upon provision of receipts.

Grant application: CLOSED
Grant application by email: Each applicant should indicate in 1/2 A4 (maximum) their motivation.
Grant application deadline: Wednesday January 11th, 2016, (08:00 CET), 2017 by sending an email with your motivation as well as your confirmation to the course to Ingeborg van Leeuwen-Bol at

Course date:
February 13-17th, 2017
Course registration deadline: February 3rd, 2017
For course details visit the [course website]

Eligibility criteria:
PhDstudent or Postdoc affiliated to a NuGO member organisation (excluding those participants from University of Copenhagen, Lund University and University of Eastern Finland).
The applicant should have received confirmation of participation. A grant application without a proof of admission will not be considered for funding.