Early Career Network

The network aims to provide a forum for nutrigenomics researchers at the start of their career.

The network will provide the following:
* Opportunities to strengthen collaboration
* Support learning and career development
* Support professional development
* Foster an environment to encourage innovation
* Mentorship by senior NuGo members (if required)
* The opportunity for the views and needs of early career researchers to influence NuGo strategy and activities

To establish a sense of community and engagement amongst early-career researchers.

The network is open to any early-career scientists who are either currently conducting higher degrees (MSc, PhD etc) or are within 7 years of completing such degrees, and are actively engaged in the field of nutrigenomics.

Infrastructure and integration into NuGO:
The activities of the network will be supported by specific NuGo webpages, a Twitter/Facebook account, quarterly SKYPE catch up sessions and annual in person scientific/social events at the NuGo annual conference, and a limited budget.

Kathryn Burton will represent the ECN in the NuGO Management Board.

The ECN is very excited to announce a series of free webinars. For more information visit [1st Webinar]

Committee Members:
Initially Prof Annemarie Minihane and Prof Lorraine Brennan will sit on the committee to help establish the committee. Following one year, it is envisaged that they will step down and allow complete running of the committee by the early career members. Each committee member will serve for a period of 2 years.
Kathryn Burton (Agroscope)
Fiona Malcomson (Newcastle University)
Pieter Giesbertz (Technical University Munich)
Colleen Draper (Nestlé)

You can reach the ECN at ecn.nugo@gmail.com