Vacancy for a  2 year postdoc at Chalmers University of Technology – department of Department of Biology and Biological Engineering to work on personalized nutrition concepts based on metabolomics x diet x gut microbiota data in a JPI-INTIMIC project.

Major responsibilities

• Be the project manager of the JPI-INTIMIC funded research project with 3 core partners and 2 associated partners. This includes co-ordination of the project, writing reports, follow-up and plan and execute consortium meetings, in close collaboration with the Principle investigator/Project leader
• Conduct own research to discover metabolomic biomarkers of different metabotypes using state-of-the-art techniques in metabolomics integrated with analysis of gut microbiota.
• Integrate and analyze data from different domains such as metabolome, gut microbiome, dietary and health data from human studies
• Participate in the planning of a randomized controlled dietary intervention study across indiivudals with different metabotypes
• Conduct statistical data analysis and reporting
• Present and disseminate results for different audiences

Your major responsibility as postdoc is to perform your own research in a research group. The position also includes teaching on undergraduate and master’s levels as well as supervising master’s and/or PhD students to a certain extent. Another important aspect involves collaboration within academia and with society at large. The position is meritorious for future research duties within academia as well as industry/the public sector.

Application deadline:
14 February 2018.
Interviews will be held continuously during the application period.

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For questions please contact
Professor Rikard Landberg, Food and Nutrition Science Division,, +46 (0)31 772 27 32
Associate Professor Carl Brunius, Food and Nutrition Science Division,, +4631 772 68 23