NuGO as partner in your research project
The Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO) has now transformed into a legal entity that can be a full partner in research projects. In this way, your project can profit from a series of NuGO deliverables, for example:

–          Get access to the nutritional phenotype database as a research collaboration tool in contrast to the public domain version providing access to all nutritional intervention studies released into the public domain
–          Access all bioinformatics tools provided by the Nutrigenomics Organisation, either by shared licences or by internal development.
–          Design and organisation of training courses, meetings, workshops and conferences
–          Dissemination of results
–          Project management support

The legal and financial structure is such that NuGO acts as an umbrella organisation for its members, allowing the distribution of workload among the specialists in the various areas (IT, database, bioinformatics, organisational aspects, etc.). Furthermore, a NuGO partnership allows to include partners with only a minor role in your project to be grouped under a single legal entity, thus reducing administrative burden.
For more information, please contact: Fre Pepping (