NuGO Research exchanges 3rd round

We would like to announce the 2017 call to support up to 7 proposals, € 2.000 each, for staff research exchanges.  The first and second round were held in 2015 and 2016 respectively.  The concept behind these exchanges is to facilitate further collaboration between NuGO member organisations. The grants will support travel and living expenses for scientists to travel to another NuGO laboratory and perform research for a period of greater than 2 weeks.

To apply for the exchange grants, please:
– Submit a one-page proposal outlining
(1) the research to be performed and
(2) the benefits of the exchange
– Submit a draft budget

Restrict yourself as NuGO member organisation to involvement in 1 incoming or 1 outgoing exchange.  Upon completion of the exchange the researcher will be asked to submit a one-page report outlining the research performed and the key outcomes of the exchange.

Deadline for submission of applications for this 3rd batch of exchanges is 15 December 2016 at  The NuGO directors will make a pre-selection and submit their selection for approval to the Executive Committee. The outcome will be announced latest in January 2017.

The exchanges will have to take place in 2017 and ‘staff’ should be read as ‘staff with PhD degree’ but persons as senior technicians important in analytical work are not excluded.  In order to support the existence/activities of the NuGO Early Career Network  the NuGO directors decided to open up this 3rd call also for 3rd and 4th year PhDs.

For questions please do not hesitate to contact us at