Micronutrients Genomics Project & MICROGENNET Workshop

Update September 2nd, 2015: Final detailed programme
Microgennet meeting


The goal of the Micronutrient Genomics Project (MGP) is to establish and provide the tools required to develop individualized micronutrient intake recommendations based on genotype/phenotype. MGP aims to create a public portal and bioinformatics toolbox for all “omics” information for micronutrient/health studies, including pathway visualisation. This knowledge will be used to enable a complete understanding of: (i) Human genetic variation relevant to micronutrients, (ii) Molecular complexity of the modes of action of micronutrients, (iii) Biomarkers of bioavailability and bioefficacy for each micronutrient. The MGP has established expert groups to (a) collect all available knowledge via systematic reviews and identify knowledge gaps, (b) collaborate with bioinformatics teams towards constructing the pathways and biological networks, (c) publish their findings on a regular basis to inform interested researchers, health professionals and consumers. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers on the “omic” and genetic aspects of key micronutrients to provide an update on current state of knowledge and the potential of translating this knowledge into practice.  This Workshop will also report on the outcomes of the EU-funded MICROGENNET project which is a collaboration between 16 distinguished universities and research institutes worldwide. MICROGENNET is contributing to the MGP project by building, extending and strengthening collaborations to create a community driven knowledge base for micronutrient genomics research. The details of the workshop are as follows: Date : 10th September 2015 Venue: University of Barcelona, Faculty of Pharmacy Auditorium Registration By email to: nugo@wur.nl Subject: MGP meeting Barcelona In email mention: Name, Institute Registration Deadline: Monday July 27th, 2015 Registration Fee: 40€ in cash during workshop registration on Thursday morning September 10th. PROGRAM Click here for [Detailed programme Microgennet workshop final Introduction & Overview MGP OVERVIEW: Michael Fenech (Australia) MICROGENNET OVERVIEW: Chris Evelo (The Netherlands) Vitamins Vitamin A: Amanda Palmer (JHU, USA) Folate (Vitamin B9): Satyamoorthy (India) Methionine: Paul Cavuoto (Australia) Vitamin B12 & Choline: Michael Fenech (Australia) Vitamin C: Eric Duell (Spain) Vitamin E: Patrick Borel (France) Vitamin D: Carsten Carlberg (Finland), Lucia Regina Ribeiro (Brazil) Minerals   Iron & Copper: Harry McArdle (UK) Iodine: Jose Carlos Moreno Navarro (Spain) Selenium: John Hesketh (UK) Zinc: Giuditta Perozzi (Italy) Visualisation and translation into practice  Pathway Visualisation: Chris Evelo (The Netherlands) Delta Study & Brazil Micronutrient Project: Jackie Monteiro (Brazil) Microgennet Microgennet Evaluation: Susan Coort & Chris Evelo (both The Netherlands) MGP ROAD MAP 2015-2020 Discussion – All