Updated September 21th – all presentations uploaded

Saturday, 3rd – Monday 5th September
Pre-conference post-graduate course: “Use of large scale data in dietary intervention studies”.
17.00-14.00 Post-graduate course

Monday, 5th September
15.00-16:30 Participants Assembly
9:00-16:00: ENPADASI meeting

NuGOweek 2016:
“Phenotypes and prevention –
The interplay of genes, life-style factors and gut environment”

16.00-18.00 Registration (Foyer, University main building, Frue Plads, Copenhagen)

18.00 Session 1: Opening NuGOweek 2016
Chair: Lars Ove Dragsted, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK
18.00-18.10 Lars Ove Dragsted, University of Copenhagen, DK
18.10-18.20 Pro-Rector Thomas Bjørnholm, University of Copenhagen, DK
18.20-19.00 Christopher Newgard, Duke University, US [Presentation available]
Translating biomarkers to metabolic disease mechanisms and targets
19.00-19.20 Introduction of new NuGO member organisations
* Zhang Xuguang: By-Health Co., Ltd, Guangzhou, CN
* Melissa Adamski: Monash University, Victoria, AU

19.30 Welcome reception at the University Ceremonial Hall.

Tuesday, 6th September
09.00-11.50 Session 2: ‘Omics in disease prediction – integrating genes and phenotypes
Chair: Baukje De Roos; University of Aberdeen, UK
09.00-09.40 Evrim Acar, University of Copenhagen, DK [Presentation available]
Forecasting chronic diseases using data fusion
09.40-10.00 Carsten Calberg, University of Eastern Finland, FI [No presentation]
Epigenome- and transcriptome-wide response to vitamin D supplementation: in vivo human experiments
10.00-10.20 Kate Burton, Agroscope, CH [No presentation]
A multi-omics approach to identify biomarkers of fermented and non-fermented dairy product intake

10.20-10.50 Coffee break

10.50-11.10 Cristina Andres-Lacueva, University of Barcelona, ES [Presentation available]
Associations between nut intake biomarkers assessed by metabolomics and cognitive decline

11.15-13.45 Poster Session 1 Tuesday September 6, 2016 and lunch(starts at 12.30)

13.45-15-05 Session 3: Early infant/childhood nutrition and later phenotypic response
13.45-14.25 Olaf Uhl, University of Munich Medical Centre, DE [Presentation available]
Early nutrition, metabolic effects and long-term health
14.25-14.45 Emmy Van Daelen, University of Ghent, BE [Presentation available]
The impact of breastmilk and delivery mode on the infant’s gut microbiota and later health
14.45-15.05 Jacob Juel Christensen, University of Oslo, NO [Presentation available]
LDL cholesterol in early pregnancy and offspring cardiovascular disease risk factors.

15.05-15.35 Tea break

15.45-17.05 Session 4: Alcohol in prevention? – Understanding the J-shaped response
Chair: Jane Nygaard Eriksen, University of Copenhagen, DK
15.45-16.25 Kenneth Mukamal, Beth Israel Diakoness Medical Center, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA [Presentation available]
Possible mechanisms in prevention by moderate alcohol intake. 
16.25-16.45 Gözde Gürdeniz, University of Copenhagen, DK [Presentation available]
Biomarker model for detecting beer intake

16.45-17.00 Short break

17.00-19:00 Session 5: Parallel sessions – hands-on software demos
17.00-19:00 Jan Stanstrup, Steno Diabetes Center, DK & Gözde Gürdeniz, University of Copenhagen, DK
Metabolomics pre-procesing and compound annotation (mzMine and XCMS)
Presentation Gözde Gurdeniz [Presentation available]
17.00-18.50 Evert van Schothorst, Wageningen University, NL & Mario Ost, German Institute for Human Nutrition (DIfE), DE & Vikram Rao, Thomson Reuters, UK
Insights in working with complex datasets: Benefits and limitations using MetaCore
* Mario Ost: Transcriptomic profiling of mitochondrial stress-induced adaptive remodelling of muscle metabolism
* Evert van Schothorst: Hands-onworking with MetaCore showing pros and cons working with complex datasets. [Presentation available]
17.00-18.50 Lorraine Brennan, University of Dublin, IE

Evening free

Wednesday, 7th September
09.00-11.40 Session 6:  Microbiota-host interplay as target in nutrition
Chair: Tine Licht; Technical University of Denmark, DK
09.00-9.40 Laure Bindels, Université Catholique de Louvain, BE [Presentation available]
Role of the gut microbiota in over- and under-nutrition.
09.40-10:20 Lindsay Hall, Institute of Food Research / University of East Anglia, UK [No presentation]
Populating the preterm infant gut with probiotics

10.20-10.50 Coffee break

10.50-11.10 Henrik Roager, Technical University of Denmark, DK [Presentation available]
Colonic transit time is related to bacterial metabolism and mucosal turnover in the human gut
11.10-11.30 Eva Rath, Technical University of Munich, DE [Presentation available]
Mitochondrial function controls intestinal epithelial stemness and proliferation
11.30-11.50 Martin Laursen, Technical University of Denmark, DK [Presentation available]
Infant gut microbiota development is driven by transition to family foods

11.50-13.45 Poster Session 2, Wednesday September 7, 2016 and Lunch (starts at 12.30)

13.45-14.45 Session 7, Early Career Investigators’ session.
Chair: Lorraine Brennan; University of Dublin, IE
13.45-14.05 Sophie Schutte, Wageningen University, NL [no presentation]
Effects of whole grain wheat compared to refined wheat consumption on liver and metabolic health
14.05-14.25 Paula Smith-Brown, The University of Queensland, AU [Presentation available]
Mother’s Secretor Status Affects Development of Children’s Microbiota Composition and Function.

14.25-14:55 Tea break

14.55-17.00 Session 8: Exercise in disease prevention.
Chair: Christian Drevon; University of Oslo, NO
14.55-15:40 Jason Gill, University of Glasgow, UK [Presentation available]
Interactions of Exercise and Diet in Health and Prevention
15:40-16:00 Roland Hangelbroek, Wageningen University, NL [Presentation available]
Creatine supplementation during knee immobilization attenuates changes in muscle transcriptome
16:00-16:20 Ruth Birk, Ariel University, IL [No presentation]
Genetics and athletic performance –the genome era
16:20-16:50 Janice Drew, University of Aberdeen, UK [No presentation]
Inter-individual responses to high intensity interval training: interactions with the sirtuin system

16:50-17:10 Short break

17.10-17:50  Session 9: Biomarkers
Chair: Marjukka Kolehmainen, University of Eastern Finland, FI
17:10-17:30 Claudine Manach, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, FR [Presentation available]
The FoodBAll online resources to support discovery of novel dietary biomarkers with metabolomics
17:30-17:50 Jim Kaput, Nestlé Institute of Health Science, CH [Presentation available]
Food history and micronutrients profile and their relation to DNA damage in children in Brazil

19.00 Conference dinner at National Museum and Poster Prize announcement

Thursday, 8th September
09.00-10.40 Session 10: Genotypes, phenotypes and personalised responses
Chair: Stine Ulven; University of Oslo, NO
09.00-9.40 Karsten Kristiansen, University of Copenhagen, DK/Beijing Genomics Institute -Shenzhen, CN [Presentation available]
Host genome and gut microbiome in health and disease
09.40-10.00 Sara Della Torre, University of Milan, IT [No presentation]
Hepatic Estrogen Receptor alpha and sex-differences in lipid homeostasis
10.00-10.40 Tal Korem, Weizman Institute, Rehovot, IL [Presentation available]
Personalised nutrition using clinical and gut microbiome data.

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

11.10-12.15 Closing Session NuGOweek 2016
Chair: Lars Ove Dragsted, University of Copenhagen, DK & Diana Ivanova, Varna, BG
Wrap-up NuGOweek 2016
Announcement NuGOWeek 2017: 28 August – 1 September 2017, Varna, Bulgaria

12.15: Lunch (to go)
13.00-18.00 FoodBAll project
17.00-18.00 FoodBAll parallel session – toxicokinetic workshop

Friday 9th September
9:00-12:00: FoodBAll meeting continued